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We've been an innovative company for over 60 years. Today, that spirit has a home in The Shop, our innovation lab that focuses on developing technologies for the physical and digital aspects of eyewear and eye care. The Shop's mission is to evolve design and technology towards discoveries that enhance lives by embracing disruption and supporting multiple innovation projects across the company.

See What's Possible
See What's Possible

The Shop West

Sacramento, California

Located inside a former auto showroom in midtown Sacramento, the West Coast Shop stands at the intersection of software and hardware (“the bits”) and focuses on delivering better eye care and products to patients and better workflow services to doctors. Lead: Jay Sales

The Shop East

New York City, New York

Inside Marchon Eyewear’s design center in the heart of Manhattan’s Garment District, The East Coast Shop explores how to push boundaries in industrial design, alternative manufacturing and materials (“the atoms”), and other technologies to reinvent the way eyewear is created, utilized and worn. Lead: Leslie Muller

The Shop Midwest

Columbus, Ohio

Brooke Kondash

Launched in 2015, the lab's newest location is inside VSP Global’s Eastern Operations Center and will focus on enhancing the provider and consumer experience while leveraging ongoing industry and academic partnerships, such as with The Ohio State University. Lead: Brooke Kondash

Nike Vision

Nike partnered with The Shop to bring the revolutionary Spring 2016 Running Collection to life through design thinking, rapid prototyping and reimagining the eyewear manufacturing process.


Meet Level, eyewear seamlessly infused with health-tracking technology. We've partnered with USC Center for Body Computing to test the prototype. Stay tuned for more.

Low Vision

Meet employee Renee Emmerson and learn how she has galvanized a movement to better support the blind and low vision communities.